What is the SLC Sole Team?

We run. We raise. We rise.
We Run/Walk: 
We Run every Saturday using the Galloway walk/run method of training taking novice runners to run half-marathons and marathons (the San Diego Marathon 2010 and the San Francisco Half-Marthon 2010).  In small pace groups, we will train weekly between 3-26 miles for marathon runners and 3-15 miles for half-marathoners.  Runners will run 2-3 times during the week on their own (although we welcome collaboration during the work week as well).  Walkers will train and run a total of 26+ miles over 20 weeks and walk the final 5 Kilometers in the SF Marathon 5K race as a "Progressive Marathoner".  If you run regularly... we welcome you.  If you run sometimes.... we welcome you.  If you have never run in your life... we welcome you (every runner starts out that way, by the way).  If you want to walk and march the distance, we welcome you!

We Raise:
We ask that Marathoners Raise $2600 (100 dollars for every mile). We ask Half-Marathoners to raise $1300.  Unlike other running groups that require fundraising, we do not pressure runners to make fundraising deadlines with the threat of discontinuing them from the group.  We view your membership as a long term process and commitment and encourage you to do the best that you can to meet fundraising goals.  If you do not meet fundraising goals by the time of your race, you are welcome to continue running and fundraising until you meet your goal. 
We will also have fundraising workshops, strategy sessions, and fundraising events to aid you in meeting your fundraising goals successfully.  You may want to collaborate with other runners or Cal Berkeley Alumni to help you.  We will be providing you with a fundraising packet to make the process less daunting.

We Rise: 
Budget Cuts, Increased Life Stressors and Pressures, and Disconnectedness... the economic downturn poses amazing challenges... on individuals and the SLC community...in fact, a long litany of despair can easily emerge. The SLC Sole Team Running Group forms to create a counter-litany: Community, Connectedness, Empowerment, Support, Budget Augmentations through fundraising, Health, Wellness, Strength, Courage, Commitment, Transformation. This litany of empowerment is at the core of the Student Learning Center. For close to 40 years, The Student Learning Center has always been a site of awesome support for undergraduates in their transition to meet the challenging demands and expectations of a research one institution, in their translation of the power of their intellect and talent to grow as scholars and leaders, and in their academic and personal transformations that lead them to continue the legacy of scholars and leaders that have come before them. As alumni and supporters of the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center, we form the SLC Sole Team, a running group that actively takes on the litany of challenges and transform the challenges into opportunities for empowerment. We run. We raise. We RISE. 

What's unique about the SLC Sole Team?

This is a group training program.  Consistent with the pedagogy at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center, we focus on collaboration and learning.  The "Sole" in the Sole Team has more to do with the Soles of your feet than a term that describes Solitary endeavors.  Although marathoning is often perceived as a solitary, individualized sport... the core of Sole Team Training is the power of collectivity.  You are accountable for your own commitment, but you are also accountable to your group members who you support every week.  You also get their support and encouragement as well.  Just like a Study Group at the SLC, active participation, mindful practice, consistent attendance, powerful and diverse individual contributions for the success of a collective whole.... these are components of success, learning, growth, and transformation.

There are many running groups that run for the cure for diseases (AIDS, Lukemia and Lymphoma, Diabetes), this group uniquely supports the Educational endeavors of the SLC at UC Berkeley.  The Sole Team is a way to run, raise, and rise with alumni and SLC friends who want to give back to the organization and support Cal undergraduates for future generations.

We are a non-competitive group.  It's not about the race day time... it's all about running the distance.  If you are a weekend warrior and looking to beat out competitors or looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon, this may not be the best fit.  There are many running groups that train for time... we train for bigger things.... It's about the process of growth, learning, and pushing yourself to accomplish something with others for others.
Our pace groups honor the legacy of powerful and transformational scholars and leaders.  Professor Barbara Christian, Professor Ronald Takaki, Rainy Rust, Professor Veve Clark, Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, Cesar Chavez, MLK, June Jordan... the SLC would not exist if it were not for the example and struggle that they waged.  The inspirational scholarship and leadership has inspired us as students and teachers and tutors at the SLC.  We remember and honor their Souls with our Soles... in unison our soles hit the pavement honoring their strength.

We use the Galloway Run/Walk method that builds a foundation for novice marathon and half-marathon runners.  We will make SLC Sole Team Training available to runners at orientation runs or the your first day of training.